Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happy Burfday to Me

Today is my 61st birthday.  I thank God for this most amazing day and for everything that is YES.  I feel blessed beyond measure.  The card from my partner Bee included the following lines.

"A child is born in  a broad landscape
--- when the bird sang its song
on the stone threshold."

Jean Fullain

This card has as its outer design the images of dragonflies - the symbol of transformation.  It is hard for me sometimes to believe that I have lived as long as I have and to be so blessed - this truly is a transformation from the young man who felt so alone and unloved so many years before.

In my writings and in the stories I tell there is the continual invitation to the experience of threshold.  The stone threshold can represent the world of matter - our existance in time and space - while the singing bird is always a representation of the soul and its longing for our at one ment with Love.

Sixty one years today two children were born to my mother (I am a twin).  We were born in a narrow landscape of a small Irish village.  We were three months premature and not expected to live.  That we did, is in large part due to my beloved grandmother.  She sat by the fire and dozed for three months feeding us at regular times with Cowgate milk and brandy from a dropper.

She continued to say YES to us all through her life and for her, especially on this most amazing day, I remember her with Love and affection and say, "Thank God for you my grandmother Sarah Dobbin."

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  1. We love you Tony Cuckson. You make our hearts sing.