Monday, May 23, 2011

Praying for Murphy – International Dog Star

We were told a number of days ago that our beloved old dog Murphy has cancer of the lymph nodes.  When we discovered this it was because he could hardly move and found it difficult to get up unto the couch which is his favourite place to be.

So he is now included in my prayers. This will test my relationship to the power that I begin to feel ever more connected too.  The power of prayer is intimately connected to the degree of confidence that one has in the process.  The more confident one feels the more one will manifest the results asked for. 

Our dog Murphy – international dog star – is old.  I do not pray that he will live in a body for another large number of years. My prayer is that when it is time for him to leave the form he is as Murphy that he will do so in comfort surrounded by those he loves and who love him and that we be graced that moment and that time together.

From my little understanding of the process called prayer it is the learning of confidence in one’s connection to the ultimate creative power.  If the prayer does not manifest as asked for then does this mean that the Source (or whatever name you prefer) wasn’t listening or was taking another call?

For this writer the answer is “No.”  The prayer does not manifest because I lack faith, lack confidence in the process – and it is a process.  I simply commit to leaning greater confidence in this process and make it a skill like any other.  Faith, as I use the word here, does not mean faith in a dogma but faith in a process.

In this prayer for our dog Murphy I begin with intention.  The clearer the intention the better and the more heartfelt the intention the better.  Heartfelt does not mean that you are full of emotionality but full of clarity and compassion.  This is the practice of detachment.  Detachment does not mean absence of emotion but means surrender to the process.

What I need to do first is to let go of my personal needs and focus on the needs of the one being prayed for.  One thing I am certain of -  I am certain that Creation does not create with the intention of meaningless suffering in whatever form.  I am certain that the Creative power to which I connect gives what I ask for. 

So I start with a clear intention that our old dog Murphy experience his remaining days in relative comfort and that he be given relief from pain.  This is a prayer that I have relative confidence in.

I could ask that there be a miracle and that he be cured of the lymphoma.  Part of me feels a certain confidence in asking for this but I decide to leave open the way in which the healing source will do its work.  My work is to focus the intention into manifestation and to develop the confidence in asking and as importantly the confidence in receiving.

This request to the Source of Creation has already been made available because it has been asked for.  This healing of our dog has already happened on the quantum level – the world beyond form because I have asked.  It is now up to me as co-creator with the Source to move the effect from what quantum physicists call the non-local  – meaning everywhere – to the local – meaning the form that exists as Murphy – the international love pooch.

In my study of the prayer process one focuses not on the elimination of disease but the deeper reality of Oneness.  The difficulty, personally speaking, is to be able to hold with enough intensity and beyond doubt the power I am engaging with. 

This is why prayer seems to go unanswered.  It is never unanswered at the quantum level but is unavailable because we as individuals, and I include myself here, have so little confidence in the process – most of which is invisible until, and if, it manifests as a result in the world of time and space.

This is why prayer is so challenging to those who engage in it with a commitment to a daily practice.  It is similar to the art of meditation.  One learns how to pray by learning how little one knows about how to pray.  We tend only to pray in time of personal crises.  This clouds the power of the process with ego demands and is usually filled with some degree of fear.

The most important aspect of prayer that I find personally empowering is the daily practice of giving thanks for all the gifts I have been given during the day.  Thanks giving then becomes a habit.  It becomes an attitude of mind and more importantly from a prayer point of view an attitude of expectation. 

Thus, when I engage in a prayer practice it is not an engagement that seeks to attain some material result but to be given the ability to open and receive the energies that manifest states of being that Creation creates from.  These are the energies of Love and on a personal level include compassion and patience.

Whatever I might do to assist my beloved dog Murphy I will do.  I will use the blessings of modern veterinary medicine and I will give thanks for the relief it gives him – which is already manifest.  I will invite the power of the light of Christ to create within his body a disease free experience of the time and space he has remaining to him in his body. 

When I invite this healing light that I refer to as Christ I am not identified with any religious denomination.  I am identified with my connection to the One Mind that creates each and everything from its longing to be the knowing of Love in form.  I am not apart from that power except to the degree I feel apart from it. In this dominion of time and space most of us feel very much apart from, and not part of, the whole of this eternal movement of Love in form.

So I will ask and be given.  What will manifest in form is up to me and the degree of confidence I learn to acquire in the movement from the quantum level to the physical level.  This is a learned art.  I am not a master of this art but it is my intention to become a master.  Then, when I say to the mountain of doubt that is in my mind, “Move,”  it will move. 

This is not an arrogance but a claiming of my birthright as a human being – the sound of Love (hu) in the form of man.  Presently I am an apprentice to this invisible power.  To the degree I am humble then grace will give me this power to be used only in the service of Love and never for my personal self aggrandisement – which has happened in the past.

In whatever way you engage with this process of connecting the finite to the infinite, the form to the formless, the movement of light into the frozen light called matter pray each day in the way that the mystic Miester Eckhart did when he said:-

“If I could only say thank you once then that would be enough.”

You needn't make this practice some sort of formal prayer.  You don’t even need to call it prayer. Let me, however, invite you to engage with the daily practice of saying thank you at the close of day.  This will open your mind and your heart to the daily experience of expansion into the way that the fullness of creation loves to express through you.

Then, when you pray in a crisis, you will be used to getting what is asked for but you must detach from your personal agenda and always pray for the highest good.  This might not suit your ego.